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The Ellington

2745 Broadway, New York, NY

May 22nd from 6-9pm


Hannah Jane





Patrons of the famed jazz club were exposed to one of the most versatile and thrilling talents to be seen on this or any stage in an incredibly long time. 

-Stephen Mosher, Broadway World

She's focused, disciplined ... A born entertainer. 

-Jon Weber, Musical Director

In rehearsal, she is always impossibly prepared and has a willingness to be bold and try anything (and trust me, when directing, I ask for the outrageous). But...put her on stage and shine a light on her, and something happens that cannot be defined. To the manner born. Hire her. You’ll see.

-Coco Cohn, Director

Herein lies one of this soon-to-be Lady Of Broadway's many strong points - her humor. Never forced, never overplayed, never reaching for laughs, Hannah's hilarity happens with comedy's best friend... ti... timing. 

-Bobby Patrick, Broadway World 

A master class for others.

-Alix Cohen, Cabaret Scenes


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